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Some of my best underwater photographs are presented. They are all original pictures. 

They are sorted by date ; the MOST RECENT galleries being at the TOP of the list.

They are presented by location. Each gallery shows around 20 photographs, sometimes a little more, sometimes less...

After each new diving trip (i.e. 3 or 4 times a year), I'll add new galleries, so come back from time to time to see what's new ...

Enjoy !

What's new ?

  • August 2007 : One week in Equator, and a 10 day cruise in the Galapagos, aboard the Sky Dancer (Digital pics : Nikon D200).

  • March 2007 : Baja California, Socorro cruise  (San Benedicto - Roca Partida - Socorro) aboard the Nautilus Explorer.

  • May 2006 :  Sabah  : Sipadan and Mabul : Drop-offs on Sipadan and  "Muck diving" in Mabul. First tries with my digital SLR camera (Nikon D70, Ikelite TTL housing, Ikelite DS125 substrobe) : it works wonderfully !

  • December 2005  : The Bahamas (San Salvador - Columbus Island) : Canyons, Sea fans, Sponges, Nassau groupers, ... in pristine clear waters.

  • December 2005 : Florida-Crystal River : diving with the friendly manatees. Cool !

  • December 2005 : Mauritius, the best sites of the West coast.

  • November 2005 : A St. John's - Marsa Alam - Elphinstone cruise : walls, caves, labyrinths, but the highlights were Dugongs and Longimanus ...

  • April 2005 : Philippines, seafari Visayas.  2 weeks, from Cebu city to Cebu city, via Moalboal, Negros (Dauin), Apo, Siquijor, Panglao and Cabilao. More than 200 new pictures (Nikon F80) ...

  • February 2005 : Thaïland. 7 weeks after the Tsunami, a short cruise to the Similan archipelago + Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. I have been using for the first time my new Hugy housing for F80.

  • December 2004 : 10 days in Mauritius ; only 8 dives and my housing still being repaired after its drowning in Bali, I continued to test  small digital cameras : here a SONY DSC-P9.

  • November 2004 : Bali. 2 weeks of photo-safari all around Bali. 28 dives. Unfortunately, I drownded my Nikon F90X and could only shoot a few digital pictures with a small Nikon Coolpix 4100 (mostly macro).

  • August 2004 :   Australia. The Ribbon Reef- Cod Hole Mike Ball cruise  ...

The most recent pages are bilingual and the scientific names of species are specified.

I must apologize, as I didn't have time to translate all the pages. For the oldest galleries, indications about the photographs are available only in French ; I hope this is not a major problem : photographs speak their own language which is international.

The most recent sets of photographs are bilingual !

Nevertheless, I'll try to take some time, later, to translate the whole thing... Hopefully !... 


Maldives (Vabbinfaru)




Click on the chosen gallery to select it ; then click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photographs.

(The photographs are meant to be viewed on your computer ; the resolution doesn't allow to print them).


You'll find some links to interesting photo galleries. Many are French  : I'm sorry about that, but I am French ;-).

A few international galleries - supposed to be among the best - are also available. This section is always under construction. So don't hesitate to suggest sites !


   My links :  



    Direct access to the VIDEO clips :




Galapagos cruise  

aboard the Sky Dancer

Socorro cruise  

(San Benedicto - Roca Partida - Socorro)

on the Nautilus Explorer.

Sabah (Mabul-Sipadan)

(Digital pix : Nikon D70)

Florida - Crystal River

(Diving with the manatees)


(the best diving sites of the West coast)

St. John's Reef-Elphinstone cruise

 (Dugong, Longimanus &Co.)

The Philippines

 (seafari Visayas)


(Similan, Koh Bon, Koh Tachaï, Richelieu Rock)


(A few digital pictures shot with a SONY DSC-P9 camera)


(Photo-safari all around Bali. 28 dives. Digital pictures with a Nikon 4100 camera)


(Great Barrier Reef  : Ribbon Reef and Cod Hole - Argentic photographs)

St. John's Reef cruise

(Digital photography - SONY DSC-P9 - and Video clips)

Maldives (Filitheyo)

(Fish close-up pictures and VIDEO clips)

Dakar (Senegal)

( Atlantic fauna : Schools of fishes, wrecks and a few macro shots)

Djibouti - Gulf of Tadjourah

( Whale sharks : Digital photos and VIDEO clips)

Red Sea - Sharm & Dahab

(Digital photos & VIDEO clips)

Red Sea - Safaga

(28 short VIDEO clips)

Sabah (Malaysian state of BORNEO)

(Lankayan - Sipadan - Kapalai - Mabul)

Cuba (Varadero)

(trial shots with the Digital SONY DSC-P9)


(Great Barrier Reef - Coral Sea)

North Sulawesi - Manado

(Lembeh strait - Bunaken)

Honduras  - Roatan

( Dolphins and Sharks - Reef life)


Mediterranean Sea

(Corsica - Port-Cros)

Cozumel - Yucatan

(Cozumel reef - Yucatan cenotes)

Indian Ocean

(Maldives - Mauritius - Rodrigues)



French Polynesia

32 downloadable wallpapers ; your choice of 1024x768 or 800x600 and 10 high res wallpapers, 1280x1024 :




Your comments are welcome !

Patrick NOEL


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